Top 10 Best GPT Sites that Pay through Paypal

Best GPT Sites that Pay through Paypal

Top 10 Best GPT Sites that Pay through Paypal

Are you looking for websites that can pay you via Paypal? Here we have the top 10 best gpt sites that pay through Paypal. So if you are interested in earning money into your Paypal account, you are in the right place.

What we did here was to list all the popular gpt websites that use Paypal as one of their payment methods. Not only that, they also have lots of ways you can earn money on the websites apart from their gpt features.


As you Know, most websites do require that you set up a payment account before registering, and Paypal is one of the most sort after payment processors as a result of its popularity and world usage. It is the only processor that is highly demanded for payment and receiving of fund online all over the world. If you are doing business online and do not have Paypal as one of you payment processors, then you have not really started and may equally be heading for the fall.

Below are the lists of popular and Best GPT Sites that pay through Paypal.

1. Superpayme is a gpt site with the combination of gpt and PTC Sites features. It pays via instant Paypal and some other payment methods. Daily surveys, Paid shopping, tasks, offers, paid to click are among the earning ways. And the cashout minimum requirement into your Paypal account is $2.

2. Cashcrate is one of the most popular and highly legit gpt sites that pay via Paypal. Although they have other payment methods such as Check and Dwolla. You are required earn at least $20 on your account before you can be able request for payment. They earning features are: Daily surveys, Tasks, Offers,Paid to Shopping, Paid to search, Paid Video etc.

3. Treasuretroopers is another gpt website known as one of the best gpt sites that pay through Paypal. You have the option to request for instant payment, but you will have to pay a certain percentage of fee to make that possible. They are similar to cashcrate, daily paid surveys, tasks, offer, shopping and paid videos etc can all be found as well. The minimum cashout requirement is $20.

4. Getpaid is website with lots of ways to earn money online such as daily surveys, offers, tasks, shopping, games etc. As a member, you will be given coins for every work you do on the site. The coins can be redeemed for gift cards or converted to cash and cashout through Paypal. You can be able to request for fund when you reach the minimum of 250 coins which is equivalent to $0.50.

5. Points2shop is another popular and top gpt site that pays through Paypal. They currently have the highest population of users in the gpt industry with over 6 million users, as of writing this post. Points and cash are the two reward ways on the website. Points are redeemed for gifts while cash can be withdrawn via Paypal etc. $0.50 is the minimum requirement.

6. Squishycash is similar to superpay, it’s is the combination of both gpt and ptc features. A top gpt site that pay instantly through Paypal. The earning ways are: Daily surveys, paid to click, paid To search, watching videos, offers tasks etc. Payment are made instantly and the minimum cashout requirement is $20.

7. Rewardingways is one of the best gpt sites that pay through Paypal. They pay members to read email, complete surveys, play games, sign up to offers etc. They have been online and paying since 2006. $20 is the minimum requirement.

8. Zoombuck is one of the oldest gpt sites online. It pays through Paypal. Members can make money through surveys, searching the web, watching videos and reading email etc. The payment minimum is $20. Zucks are allocated to every members that completes any activity on the site. They are like points and can be redeemed converted to cash or redeem for Gift cards.

9. Clixsense is a well known gpt site which also has ptc features. Members can earn via Paid to click, Surveys, games, offers and tasks. The payment method are Paypal, Paychu and Check. You must earn at least $8 to be able to request for cashout.

10. Offernation is also among the gpt sites that pay through Paypal. They have been online and paying since 2011 with the combination of both gpt and ptc features. The minimum cashout requirement is $0.50.

Note, there are more gpt Sites that pay via Paypal which are not listed here. Like we said earlier, the only ones listed here are the popular ones. You may visit Top 50 GPT Sites to find out more best gpt sites that pay through Paypal.

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