GPT Sites Tips | How to Make Money with GPT Sites

GPT Sites Tips

GPT Sites Tips

These GPT Sites Tips or how to make money with gpt sites is a step by step details of how you can make money via gpt sites. If you are not too good at making money working on gpt websites and looking for how to earn big, you are in the right place! This is the gpt site tips that lot of high earners use to make huge money per day consistently.
Please note, If you apply all the tips here and do not make at least $40 per day, come back to this page and I will personally pay you for wasting your time reading this.

In case you don’t know, are some of the best places, if not the best, where you can earn your money easily without fear of scam or cheating. There are a lot of ways you can make money such as filling paid surveys, clicking ads, paid to complete offers, paid to complete task, and paid to read email etc. They also offer many contests which you can use to earn more money if you are very good at it. Contests such as referral contests, ptc contests, referral contests, offer contests, jack pot etc. It is a very fun place to be if you love earning while playing games.

If you are good at referring friends, then the referral program is for you, you can make a lot of money on gpt sites using this method. I have seen a work from home mom making more than than $1000 monthly just on referrals. No offers, no surveys, all she does is to log onto the sites to cashout her earnings every month.

Make money on gpt sites

Cash Surveys tip
The Daily Surveys have a great approval rating, but paying attention to these tips can help to ensure that you get credit all of the time and make money on the site.

1) Do not rush through the survey. Take your time to read all of the questions entirely and answer them thoughtfully. If you fill up the survey they will easily discover and you will not be credited.

2) Give them a honest and real information that they requested

3) Complete the entire survey. Do not leave any question unanswered.

4) Don’t answer the same question with different answers. Make sure you answer the whole survey truthfully and always remember what you filled because some surveys might ask you the same question they asked you earlier in order to know if you are really filling correct information. If you are not filling truthfully then you might not be able to remember what you filled earlier by giving different answers to the same question therefore losing your credits.
Note: The all come from different advertisers and, for that reason, approval times varies. Generally, they will not take longer than noon the following business day to get approved. <! This does mean that treasure trooper is a scam gpt site!>

gpt tips

Make money with Paid To Click.
Go to section and click on it. You will be taken to a page with different ad banners. The banner ad has information on it such as the amount you will be paid and the seconds you will wait before you get credited. Click on the ad and wait for it to load. Then look at the top of the ad you will see a timer moving. Once it is up to the number of seconds that was written on the ad, a picture will appear, sometimes upside down picture, double picture or numbers appearing twice. Click on the upside down picture or double picture or number that appeared twice and you will be credited. Other sites might require you to answer a mathematical question like 2 + 2 = , or to fill a captcha just to make sure you are not an automated software. Once you are credited, go back to the ad page and click another ad. Do the same to all the ptc ads on the page. Please don’t click an already credited ad twice.

Paid to read email tips
Make sure you check your email box regularly. I will suggest you use different email address from your primary email address to avoid spam. Emails are usually sent to your box. Click on the email and read for a few seconds or wait for a few seconds before clicking the done button or submit button and you will be credited immediately.

make money with Cash Offers

How to make money completing offers

Once you log in, you will be taken to the main page. If you click on the link “Offers (Start Earning)”, it will take you to the offers list. On this page, you will find a list of offers with their payout amounts. Click on the banner or the link of the offer that interests you and follow the instructions . Enter your valid information when you fill in the information requested. Make sure you use the same information on treasure trooper to sign up for offers.

Once you have completed the offer, return to the gpt site and click the “Mark as Completed” link. The system will verify that you have completed the offer and credit your account, when the advertiser approves your lead. Tip: Use different email addresses to register if you decide to use more gpt sites. Make sure you don’t sign up for an offer multiple times or use fake information in order to avoid been ban. Clear your browser cookies or history before you move to another offer.

While most offers credit within 24 hours, some offers can take 2-3 weeks. As long as you follow the tip to do offer completely and provide honest information, the offer should credit. However, realize that there are some occasional offers that just won’t credit. Unfortunately, there is not much the sites can do about those. They simply credit you as soon as the advertiser credits them.

Note: there are some trial offers that might require to use your credit card. I suggest you neglect it to avoid mistake. But if you decide to do it, make sure to set a reminder in order to cancel the offer before the trial period reaches. If you don’t remember to cancel it before the trial period ended they will assume that you are interested in buying the product thus deducting the amount from your credit card. Most of these offers earn you the most money.

How to make money with Cash Shopping

How to receive cash back for purchases you make on gpt sites, simply click any of the stores listed on the get paid to sites Cash Shopping page. It will take you to that store’s website where you can shop just as if you had gone there directly. When you purchase something, you will receive cash back equivalent to the percentage listed next to that store’s title. You will make money more than you spend on cash shopping. You can make more than $300 extra per day on cash shopping alone.

Cash Tasks tip
You can make money on by doing the same task over and over again until the quota is filled. Beware though, if your accuracy is too low (you make too many mistakes) you will not be allowed to keep going. Tip: make sure you read the instruction first and then open another tab on your browser, then copy the link in the instruction and complete the offer first before coming back to click accept offer. Then wait a little bit before you submit the proof and click the “submit button”.

For example, if you are asked to post a review on a work from home forum, don’t click accept offer yet, just copy the forum link and open another tab on your browser, the visit the site and post the review first before coming back to click accept and submit the proofs. You will be given a high rank for doing the offer quickly within the time frame thus bringing more offers your way. It will also help you to abandon any offer you could not complete without getting punished.

Paid to sign up tip
Making money with paid to sign up is very easy, all you have to do is signup on any sites the advertisers listed on the ad. But make sure you set out different email address, if you are using more than one gpt site you are most likely to see the same ad on the other sites.

Make money viewing VIDEOS
All of the “offerwalls” on the Earn credit page have videos, you simply watch them click next video and get credit. Click the name of the offerwall ( Super Rewards, Radium One etc.) then either click Free and look for the videos or look on the navigation tab.

Referral tips
There are various ways you can earn money with the referral program. Simply register on free blogging plat form and write a review about the site, then include your referral link in it. You can also post you links on facebook, twitter and in forums signatures. Or advertise the site on work from forums and include your referral link on it. You can also use your youtube account to get referrals by posting link in the video description box. Just let them know how much they are capable of making with the site, be truthful so they can be motivated to join. I make good sum of money per month on each of the 20 gpt sites I wrote reviews about. Just on referrals alone!

If you are able to apply all these tips on how to make money with get paid to sites and do not make more money per day as I said earlier, come back to this blog and I will personally compensate you. While you are out there making money make sure you refer your referrals here so they can also learn the tips on how to make money with gpt sites.

Please do not hesitate to use the comment box below if you have any questions or opinion on these gpt sites tips.