Top Best GPT Sites

The Top Best GPT Sites show you all the get paid to websites to work with that pay high as well as how to avoid scam GPT sites whenever you feel like joining more.

As you know, there are lots of reward GPT sites online. And more of similar sites keep popping up each day, thus making it very difficult to know which one is a scam or genuine paying GPT sites.

Even, there as some that claimed to be the best GPT sites in the industry unfortunately not all of them are as best as they claimed to be. They just use the word BEST to deceived people into signing up with them.

You will never know which GPT sites are the best until you personally work with them or maybe they are recommended by someone who has worked with so many GPT sites online. This is where we come in. We have worked with so many and different kinds of GPT sites and can assure you that we know a lot about the GPT reward sites than you can ever imagine.

Below are the best GPT sites out of over 300 GPT sites we have tested since 2011 that we started earning money online via this method.

List of The Top Best GPT Sites:

1. Superpayme is another gpt site with amazing earning features and very sincere in all their business dealings and activities unlike the majority of the so-called best gpt sites.

They pay you for completing Free Paid Surveys, Paid Trials, PTC ads and other Free Paid Offers. SuperPayMe is an easy way to earn money online every day. Register for a free account and start earning. They have over 700 worldwide offers available. Simply earn $1.00 and get paid via Instant PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Skrill or Amazon Gift Cards. Earn money Online daily working from your own home.

Visit here: to learn more.

2. Rewardingways 

Rewarding ways is free to use. Make money online when you complete Simple Paid Surveys, Paid Trials and Tasks. Get paid the same day using Paypal, Payza or Skrill!! Working online is easy and you can do it in your spare time at home, at work, or on your mobile.

We offer a selection of Paid Surveys from a variety of different advertisers meaning you have access to lots of new surveys every single day. Generally, the surveys available take between 5-20 minutes to complete with bigger payments being offered for longer surveys. They have a dedicated Live Paid surveys area which you can check throughout the day for new surveys.

They have teamed up with some of the best online offerwalls such as Adgate, Trialpay,, Offertoro and many more to give you even more ways to make money working online. You can get paid to watch videos, complete trial offers, download free apps and more.

They provide a large selection of Paid Surveys, offers, PTC ads and more every day. You make money for successfully completing these online tasks. You request and receive your payment in just a few hours so any money you earn is with you quickly.

Visit the website here:

3. Offernation 

Offernation is one of the best GPT sites ever on the Internet. If you are very good at doing surveys and offers and also from the USA or Canada or Australia, you have come to the right place.

Offernation is a work from home program that provides folks with a chance to make money through various companies’ promos and surveys. Similar to programs like Inbox Dollars you get rewarded a small fee for performing these activities.

The Offernation program also has a referral program that permits you to make money by promoting Offernation to others. Once people have joined under your referral link you will be able to make a small percentage from the surveys, offers and promos they complete, 20% from their earnings. Note that this does not affect their earnings whatsoever.

Offernation pays out once your account reaches a minimum of $2 and so far we haven’t heard complaints regarding non-payment. They routinely send out cash on a monthly instantly to all qualifying members as well as payment via PayPal, Skrill.


4. PrizeRebel

Prizerebel is a gpt website that gives its members points whenever they complete paid surveys, product offers, or other activities requested by their advertisers and partner gpt sites.

The site says they have “an endless selection of prizes.” You can be able to redeem your points for video game codes, prepaid game cards, clothing, music, Amazon gift cards, and a large selection of many other prizes.

Becoming a member of PrizeRebel is completely free and just need you to provide your full name, email address, a created password, your mailing zip code, and you must be at least 13 years of age.

Get rewarded with money and free gift cards from brand name merchants by answering market research surveys. Trusted since 2007, signup for free today!

You can choose from over 100 big brands in gift cards. From big-name brands like Gap, Walmart, CVS, Nike or Ulta to big game brands like XBOX, Steam or Playstation – you’re going to find what you want! Get started and get your gift cards today!

Visit the site here:

5. InstaGC

InstaGC is one of the oldest and also top GPT sites online. Here, you will be able to make money by completing surveys, watching paid videos, searching the web, shopping online and a lot more.

You will be able to choose from more than 330 gift cards that are available on the website. As of writing this post, more than 1,282,000+ gift cards have been redeemed. The gift cards are delivered digitally, and you can be able to use it in online stores or send to a friend as a gift.

Not only will you be paid through Gift Cards, but also withdraw your cash through the available payment methods such as Bitcoin and Paypal. The minimum payout is $2.

All payments are made instantly without delay.

Visit for more

6). Point2shop

Points2shop is one of the oldest GPT sites online. It is among the biggest free reward programs where you can be able to receive virtual point by taking online surveys, Doing offers, watching videos, playing games and also referring user and any other ways.

Points2shop is established in 2007 with over 10 million members as of writing this post. You can decide to redeem the points you earn while taking surveys and completing for gift cards of your choice, most especially Amazon Gift cards etc. That is not all, you can also earn real cash and with them through the payment method of your choice like Paypal etc.

The minimum payout requirement for Points2shop is just $2 and you can be able to withdraw your cash within 24 hours.

Visit here to join

7). Get-Paid

Get-Paid is the first GPT site we earned with when we started working online. Initially, we thought they were the best GPT site until we tried many others and discovered that we were missing out on some other better alternatives.

Get-Paid is a cool GPT website with different ways of making money online such as Paid Surveys, Offers, Tasks, Paid Videos, Games and a lot more. You will also have different payment options to choose from like Paypal, Bitcoins, Western Union Transfer etc.

The minimum payout is $2. You will be able to receive your money within 24 hours of requesting it.

Visit the site here:

Are GPT Sites Scam?

“Get Paid To” type websites that offer to pay you may or may not be a scam. If the sites tell you or emphasis that you can dump your regular day job and get rich doing offers on GPT sites, they probably are a scam GPT website and most definitely lying to you.

Can you earn money doing offers on GPT websites? Absolutely yes. Will you be able to rich working on GPT sites? Probably not. It may be possible however only a very few individuals become rich. For instance, an American living in the Philippines or China could get rich by local standards as a result of the difference in pay scales as well as cost of living in those areas relative to living in the USA, Europe or Australia.

So if the website provides free surveys, get paid to offer, paid to shop, tasks etc, what do they get out of it?

Most of the get a referral fee paid by legitimate market research companies that conduct surveys for business clients, as well as from sponsors and advertisers. Since many of these market research firms have their own reward websites, you will be safer signing up directly with them rather than one of their affiliates.

What are the possible risks of signing up with a scam GPT website?

If they are not legitimate, you could:

  • – Risk having your identity stolen
  • – Having your email address used for spamming
  • – Be required to sign up for offers that cost you money before you are allowed to take any surveys which can get very expensive and result in unwanted charges on your credit card

How to Avoid Scam GPT Sites

As good as the idea of GPT Sites may sounds, many of the claims to make money on GPT sites seem too good to be true. That’s because many of the reward sites that extol the virtues of Get Paid To sites are nothing but outright scams. Please, do not fall for all the hype. Beware of any GPT website that provides you with any of the following:

• Guarantees of Income: there is absolutely no way anybody can guarantee you a particular income from doing tasks and offers on GPT sites because you are the only one in control of how many of the task and offers you are offered that you actually do.

• Outrageous as well as paid testimonials: while it is possible to make extra cash working on GPT sites, you will not make a fortune for a few minutes of work. Doing offers may be easy work but you are not going to be paid $20 even $30 dollars a few minutes for your time. Many testimonials are written by grifters, paid writers, unscrupulous professional writers and outright criminals. Do not buy their lies.

• Employee checks and payment proofs: Most of the Checks as well as payment proofs are bogus, fake or are the exception rather than the rule.

How can you avoid these GPT sites scam? You need to do your homework, most especially if the website is charging a fee for signing up with them.

• Read through their privacy policy, terms of use, disclaimers, about us page, FAQ etc. If a privacy policy, as well as a disclaimer, is not provided, run as far as you can. A genuine website will provide a privacy policy and also a disclaimer to avoid being sued by their clients.

• Look out for contact information. Genuine GPT sites will provide you with a postal address (not just a PO Box and/or an email address) and will define their legal jurisdiction in the disclaimer or one of the other legal documents. If that info is not provided, do not trust the GPT sites.

• Do a whois lookup on the domain name to see who actually owns it. How many GPT sites they own and if they are frequently changing hosting companies and domain names.